1st go at Lino Printing 

One of the great things about living in Dorset is there are so many good value after-work-art-classes.

I love trying new things, so I joined a beginners lino printing class. I have never done this process before. It is quite confusing in the beginning but quickly become relaxing and satisfying.

First, you draw a sketch of what you want to print. I couldn’t think of anything else but the Dorset Dawdlers logo.

Then, you use chalk to make an imprint on the dark grey soft lino.

Third, you then carve your design. What I found really difficult to get my head around, is that we need to cut away the part we didn’t draw on, or what is meant to be blank spaces. Also, the first cuts were to understand a bit about the tools, and which one is better to use compared the others for the different marks you want to make.

Lino Cut Dorset Dawdlers logo

The satisfying thing about it is the action of carving the lino off, you can feel the plasticky material going off, then it starts to curl a bit. I think I can just do that all day, carve, carve and carving, not caring about the design.

The second design I tried is a smaller piece. My intention was to have a puffin on water, but it looks more like a duck.

Lino Printing Ducks


You can probably see the messiness of my work. Despite the messiness, I am enjoying it and looking forward to making some more prints.

What do you think? Have you picked up a new hobby this year?

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