Making an Owl House

Now, who got perfume or jewellery from their husband for Christmas?

I didn’t get any of these, I got something so much better, planks of wood to make an owl box. 🙂

The idea apparently came from hearing the sound of owls near the house, and last year’s spring watch, then Ian watched this video by The Barn Owl Trust.

A very good post and video, providing tips, the sizes, all the materials you would need and step-by-step on how to make the box.

We built our box by watching the video. It took us a couple of weekends to do it. Mainly because we had to seal the wooden planks with waterproof varnish, and to wait for it to dry.

Putting it together took in total around 4 hours. If you watch the video and thought ” ah that looks easy and fast” it is not so easy when you have not made it all before. You can see the boxes behind the man in the video, that they have made a lot of boxes, so they know how to do it without any problems

Challenges were measuring and cutting it all correctly, we seem to be getting it wrong in some places.

We added a little feature on our bird box which is a bird camera. Really looking forward to seeing what creatures come in the box.

Next… putting it up on the tree. Any suggestion?

Have you got a bird box somewhere in your garden? If so what type of bird are they for and do you have a camera in the box?

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