Lino Printing and Colours

Next step in Lino Printing is to play with colours.

A Dorset artist Liz Sommerville, I think colours her in using watercolour or gouache. I love her work. The work is so detailed and beautiful, each must have taken such a long time.

Of course I am so far off from getting to where Liz’s is, I don’t think I’ll ever reach that point. Haha.

You can also create two lino plates each carved differently to apply 2 colours.

I tried a different tactic, blocks of colours at the back of the black outline. I thought it looks really fun.

Perfect for me is rugged and something that looks real, not for the print to look like it came out of a factory. Of course this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Mary Berry would call this style ” A little informal”. 🙂

Here I am trying different blue. The first two the yellow is really smudged with black because the roller was not washed properly.

TIP: make sure you wash rolers properly to get crisper colours!

What do you think? Have tried this before?


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