Sofa so Good

The title came from an Instagram Challenge #myhousethismonth for 20th February. It just reminded me of how buying a sofa was more difficult than I imagined it to be, maybe it is just me.

The trouble of choosing a good sofa

Do you know that saying in design Function over Form, well that is kind of what we are, if we have to choose between something more functional or beautiful, we choose function. But I am a firm believer that we shouldn’t be made to choose, right? surely with all the choice out there, why do we have to choose?

Now you are saying, what are you talking about? OK. So for example the look of this sofa isn’t it ¬†gorgeous?

This sofa is beautiful, but when you sit on it, it is totally uncomfortable. The back is too short. You are not able to sink into the sofa and lounge. You can’t lounge around for hours in it, therefore renders it useless. ¬†It is a much more of a office lobby sofa, where you need to sit on the edge of the seat whilst waiting for your interview.

Or these sofas These are from insta account. Check out our pinterest board pinterest board, presenting all the lovely and beautiful sofas.

The reality of most sofas I like the look of, they are beautiful but they are either:

  • little-to-no-head-support sofa,
  • too-straight-back sofa,
  • too-modern-for 18th century-house sofa,
  • non-durable-velvet-sofa
  • too expensive sofa,
  • only-in-grey-boring-coloured-sofa
  • a combination of the above.

I love the look of the sofas on Swoon,, and Loaf. I think if I have a bigger sized house and budget I would have bought these as my secondary sofa.

Bright coloured and comfortable sofa for a small cottage

After several months searching, trying them out, getting fabric samples and deliberating, I choose one from Next


Why? Because it is the most comfortable, with head support, available in red and durable fabric, free delivery and install, and reasonably priced.

We are pretty pleased with it so far. The only thing is it is a small sized sofa, but it’s not because o the sofa it is because of the room that it needs to fit in. it just can’t go bigger than this.

Oh and I almost forgot, a warning, choosing from NEXT is a really difficult, they have an almost unusable and clunky website, the customer service and delivery system is really messed up. They don’t actually talk to the delivery people, I booked the sofa to be delivered at 1pm and the people said ( and showed me their instructions) they have it to be delivered at 4pm. We did get there in the end, but just a thought you should know.

What do you think of this? Do you have the same problems in choosing sofas? Or have you got a sofa you absolutely love?


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