Sculpture and Sun – Lyme Regis

We had a wonderful day last Saturday here in Dorset, so we took a trip to Lyme Regis to see the newly installed sculptures in Langmoor Garden. I personally have not been to that part of Lyme Regis, and the last time Ian was there, I think was still in school.

If you are not familiar with the area, Lyme Regis is in the Jurassic Coast, it is most famous for its cliff rocks and fossil filled beaches, hence the name. It is certainly a town worth visiting, if you have never been.

We parked at Carmouth Road carpark. It is £2 for the whole day. Such a bargain. The carpark is at the top of the town, from here you can walk down to the coastal path, which is what we did. It was such a pleasant easy walk that took us to Lyme Regis Museum.

Lyme Regis Museum

I am a museums fan, wherever there is a museum, I have to go in it. I really like the Lyme Regis museum, the museum is small but well designed. The stairs are the best bits, there are three stairs in the museum each are quirky in their own way.

To visit it is £4.99 per adult, if you have kids, they go in for free. Might be hard for those with buggies as it is pretty small.

Ian and I learned a few things whilst we are in there. Who knew that some parts of Jane Austen’s Persuasion is based in the town, well I didn’t. Ian particularly liked looking at the old train line that seems to be going everywhere in Dorset, it is such a shame that they don’t anymore.

Ah the museum also have small but cool little shop. I bought an illustrated Mary Anning magnet for our fridge.

Chips (or Fries for some people)

A bit of a walk made us rather hungry, so we had to stop at the chippy in the corner slightly after the museum.

It was quite a good one, a sign of a good fish and chips place for us is the don’t mind pouring the mushy peas straight on the top.

Although I didn’t realise that there will be other fish and chips places further on at the other harbour, that also looked pretty good. We had to eat our chips on the beach covering ourselves from the pesky gulls. The sea gulls in Lyme Regis loves to steal food out of your hands.


We then went up to town and into the lovely Langmoor Gardens to see the sculptures. They were a bit hard to spot but we did spot a few of them. A few of them are from local, Dorset based sculptors.

This one is Open Form 2 by Isla Chaney

This one is Breaking Through by Carrie Mason.

And the Air that we Breath by Brendon Murless.

We finish our work at the harbour with me having 3 scoop of Baboo Gelato, Dorset based and made gelato, from Bridport. I had pear, hazelnut and the rum and raisin, I must say the rum and raisin was the best flavour out of the three.

If you are in this part of the world, do have a look at the sculptures, it was fun trying to find them. (Main image is Clare Trenchard‘s Trapeze)

Have you been to Lyme Regis? What do you like most about it and what is the best chips shop for you?

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