Our Garden this month

When we bought this house last year towards the autumn, when everything is either all green or all brown. We didn’t know what each plants were, and we hesitated to pluck out or redo the garden. But now, things have just started to come out, they are just beautiful.

It turns out we have Peonies, Thistle, Iris, Lupins, Foxgloves, and some we don’t know their names. Perhaps you can tell us what they are and tell us how to care for them too.


Like these purple flowers above, behind the lupins we don’t quite know what they are.


My favourite are the peonies, Ian likes the buttercups, we both love the striking Irises.

We now need to do a bit more gardening by

  1. cutting down the mint, there are tonnes of these. Or maybe just take them all out and put it in a container. It is just too much of them.
  2. Taking the Ivy out, these are also getting riddiculously everywhere
  3. Sort out the big pot in front of our door, something we thought might be growing back, it seems that there is no sign of this to happen at all.
  4. Cutting a lot of things, I don’t even know what but there are just a lot of overgrown stuff

What is your favourite flower? What does your garden look like and have you got any tips for us to sort out the mint?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The purple flowers behind the Lupins are Aquilegias other names for them are Columbines or Grannie’s Bonnets. They self seed freely and are biennials – they are beautifully promiscuous and cross breed like crazy, so you never know what colours will emerge. I love them! But my favourite flower is the iris.


    1. Oh, that is good to know. I thought it was weed, as it is everywhere in our garden.


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