How to make tea from Ladys Mantle or Alchemia

Some plants in our garden already there when we moved in to the house. I have always found this particular plant beautifully full when it blooms, with plenty yellow-greenish tiny flowers in big bunches. The leaves also have a particularly different shape, slightly fan like and a bit like grape vine leaves, and a bit furry to touch.

Green yellow bunch of flowers which is alchemia in front of a door

When in full bloom the flower stems then droops as it is too heavy for the stalk to hold up.

Ladys mantle leaves

Whilst leafing through an old book I found in the charity shop called:. I saw this plant, and I was amazed in the benefits that it may contain, how it traditionally used to help with female reproduction issues.

As I am keen to try to make use plants that are available around me both in the garden and out in the countryside, I have to give this one a go.

The book say to just steep the picked flower and leaves in hot water, that is what I did.

Watch it on this video.

Have you drink this herbal tea? What do you think? Did you drink it regularly?

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