Making Elderberry Syrup and prepare for the autumn

Now is the time to forage and pick those Elderberries. We are seeing them on our walks everywhere in the countryside,  for about 2 weeks now.

If you don’t know what they look like, they are tiny black berries, usually in bunches in a shrub. Not a tree or on the ground. Farmers uses the elder shrub as borders, so it is everywhere in the UK.

Elderberries, black small berries with a few green unripe berries

The green ones are unripe, don’t pick these.

These elderberries are a rich source of  antioxidants, vitamins A, C and Bioflavonoids, which are said to be good to help soothe cold symptoms like sore throat, fatigues and muscle aches. Some people swear by Elderberry treating their respiratory problems, hence these syrups are sold in shops by multiple brands. So you can either buy them or just make them yourself.

It is so easy and cheap.

A clear mug with dark coloured liquid inside - elderberry and hot water

Step 1

Go out to the countryside, find berries with a box or basket of some sort. Pick them, they are really easy to find and pick unlike the thorny blackberries. The best time to pick them is before the sun is high, as apparently it does something to the oils of the berries. But don’t worry about it, go out when you can.

Step 2

Wash them and put in a pan of water. The water needs to just cover it.

Step 3

Put in ginger and cinnamon, they can be fresh or just powdered. Depending what you have and what you prefer. Some people put in ginger and thyme.

Step 4

Put in sweetener, either sugar, honey or maple syrup. I put some local honey just to make it more potent to help with the cold.

Step 5

Boil, once boil, turn the heat down to low to simmer until the liquid reduce and gets a bit sticky.  Don’t forget to  stir once and awhile.

Step 6

Strain and pour it in a bottle, I used an old bottle that has been sterilised. By sterilised, I mean washed in a very hot water.


We are going to try drinking this, this winter and see whether it has any effects or not to us.

Have you got any herbal drinks or homemade syrup that you swear by to help you with a cold? If so, please share below, we would love to know and learn more

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