Home Gift Guide – for Christmas and beyond

I think a good gift is something that you want to use all the time. I am concerned about the fast good industry. If you are like me you’d be thinking about how these items have been produced and sold cheaply, last for a couple of use, or a few months, and end up in the bin, creating more waste. You’d agree that we don’t need these, the planet doesn’t need it.

But I do understand that we need to buy things to support the economy, especially considering the effect of the pandemic on it. Make sure that you buy something that can be used more than once or twice, or even better you can have in your home all the time. I believe by buying locally from a good maker or artist you can have all you need, supporting the economy, have the good quality item that you want, need and will last long.

Being in Dorset for a few years now, made me realise. that there are so many amazing makers and artists around. I want to have their work in my house, in fact, some of them I already have in my house. I thought I make an honest list (not sponsored or in collaboration) for those of you who might not know yet and looking for gift ideas.

Blue cushion with lantern depiction

They are based in Thorncombe Village. Their shop is great but it is only by appointment, but you can buy things online or visit shops like Ink and Page in Bridport.

Nicki Ship

Nicki recyles metal and uses beach finds for her sculptural piece. She has a range of great sculptures for homes by the countryside and seaside. Contact her on her instagram or you can find her work in Boilerhouse Gallery near Corfe Castle

Metal sculpture on top of wood

Air Garden

Air plants in decorated hanging pendant are just so beautiful. The one we bought decorates our bathrooom. They are beautiful to hang above your window sill and in your rooms. The plants are easy to care too, for those of us who can ocassionally kill plans. Leila is based in Bournemouth, but you can buy these from her via her instagram account.

Hanging glass pendant with air plants and shells inside them

Gail Davies

I have seen Gail’s work in real life, her work is definitely in my wish list. She meticulously draw these birds by hand and hand cut them out so it give more depth when it is in a frame. They are just intricate and great for decoration, don’t you think? Find her on instagram.

Sculptural painting of a puffion in front of another bird

Molesworth and Bird

Check out their instagram, the work speaks for themselves I think. They make pressed seaweed into home decorations, cushions, calendar and framed. Just beautiful. They are based in Lyme Regis but you can order from their website

three framed pressed seaweed

Colin Robert Davis

Colin recycles old ceramics and make sculptural 2-D collage home and garden decor. Check out these paintbrushes, I also love his cactus design work.

2D mosaic of old ceramic shaped to paintbrushes

Elementum Journal

Now, these are not necessarily decor item, but these journal are just gorgeous. I think it makes any house and coffee table looks good. It is a coffee table decor that you actually want to read, it has beautiful nature writing and artwork.

Elementum Journal on a table

They can be bought online or you can visit their shop in Sherborne. Plus if you like books like me, you can buy books from their bookshop or from bookshop.org

Jenny Sibthorp

I have been following Jenny’s work for ages now, I think what she makes inspired me to look for other makers in Dorset. I have a cushion, wallet and have bought presents for people from her. This cushion is one of those example that you can have on your sofa for Christmas but also beyond.

Cushions being carried there are plants underneath

You can buy her work on her instagram, website or she often does market such as Frome Independent or Craftyfox in London.

That is it for now. This list is not exhaustive, there are other talented makers across dorset, I might make one on only ceramicist too. But if you know of any artists or makers that makes good quality products locally and nationally in the UK please put a comment below, I’d love to know, maybe they can be in my Christmas wish list next year.

*All photos are taken from their instagram posts, belongs to individual artists and makers.

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