We are Jane and Ian, we have moved back to Dorset from our adventures in the big smoke.

It is such a big change for us to move from the commuter belt and working in London, to a house in a tiny village in the middle of Dorset. A 18th Century cob house with thatched roof. We will be documenting what we do around our house and garden in this blog, to remind us what it looks like before and after.

We also like to dawdle around. Our adventures tends to be spontaneous but slow, we (especially Jane) don’t like to rush around, “slow living” she says. On these adventures, we love stopping to see the wildlife; butterflies, hares, deers, even tiny caterpillars.

We dabble in foraging and growing our own vegetables, fruits and flowers. With these and Jane’s keenness to experiment, we share our adventures in cooking, making and baking. Like every adventures, there is always that part where we might miss a turning. 😀

Together we have traveled to 32 different countries (we might share these too) and have always come back to Dorset, where we felt most at home.We are not sure how you arrived at our blog, but we hope it is a pleasant visit for you.



Jane and Ian

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